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Small Hotels in Cozumel, Mexico

Hotel Mary Carmen Entrance - On the Plaza

This hotel has 27 rooms and is located on
the main Cozumel Plaza just across from the
Hotel Pirata. It is a reasonably priced hotel
convenient to the downtown plaza.

There are many small hotels in Cozumel Mexico that may suit your vacation needs.

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We hope you find a hotel that suits your needs. We try to maintain
listings on all the quality hotels available in Cozumel so you have
options. The hotels vary widely in price and room style as well as
location on the island. In time, we will be including detailed pages
on the smaller hotels located closer in town so there will be even
more to choose from.

Being close to dive shops, snorkel centers, car rentals and downtown restaurants is a big deal. Some people do not want to stay way out on the far end of the island because it makes it difficult to arrange your activities with service providers located in town.

So for those who want seclusion and pampering, there are all-inclusive hotels listed in our directory. And for those who want to be closer to the downtown action, we offer listings in or near downtown with more to come very soon.

So enjoy! Look around our site. Find a hotel that fits your vacation needs.
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